Ali B Fireside Girl

Unknown Fireside Girl (brown) is a Fireside Girls in Danville.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has long brown hair with brown eyes, and her uniform is a sleeveless with a red collar, brown checkered shorts and yellow shoes.

Background InformationEdit

  • Unlike the other Fireside Girls, she has yellow shoes. Also, like Adyson, she wears a sleeveless shirt. She also the second Fireside Girl who has different shoes. Milly being the first one. She is also the second Fireside Girl to not wear socks, Katie being the other one.
  • Her character was based on Radio Disney's winner of the Ratings Mega "Get Animated with 'Phineas and Ferb' and Build Your Own Vacation Sweepstakes" Grand Prize winner is Ali B., from Pittsboro, IN.